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How To Make A Girl Kiss You - 4 Kissing Techniques You Can Use Today To Have Her Make The First Move


It always seems that the "bad boy" or the "outcast" gets to kiss the girls in the movies, and the girls always want him to kiss them, while the "good boy" gets left out in the cold.  That is not real life, so you do not have to own a motorcycle or act like Draco Malfoy to get all the girls in your school.  If you want to make a girl want to kiss you, these steps should work for you.

A)    If you play sports, in which your face gets cuts or bruises, you will want to make certain that your cuts and scrapes are healed.  No girl, no matter how much she likes you, wants to kiss scabs.  If you use a medicated chap stick, you can erase those cuts and scrapes faster than if you just let them heal on their own.  If you have cold sores, get them healed before attempting any of the other steps.  If you really like this girl, you need to make a great first impression when you kiss her or she will not want to kiss you again.

B)    If you have not brushed your teeth in the last hour or so, you either need to brush them well, or pop 4 or 5 breath mints in your mouth before you kiss her.  Do not chew gum because the flavor fades as soon as you spit it out and you do not want to kiss her with gum in your mouth.  Do not pop cinnamon flavored mints into your mouth because they are not strong enough to hide the flavor of the tacos you had for lunch.  Breath spray is not a good idea either because as soon as you swallow it, the clean flavor of it is gone.  There is also the possibility that your nerves will get the best of you and you will spray yourself in the eye.  Then you will have to wait until your eye has healed to try kissing her again.

C)    Take a shower.  Do not try to kiss a girl that you like after you have finished football practice.  You will smell awful and she will not talk to you again.  Do not trust your buddies when they tell you that you do not smell.  Take a shower and use deodorant, but nothing too strong.  You do not want to aggravate her allergies.

D)    Take her hand in yours and gently pull her to you.  When she is close enough, reach out and pull her to you.  Look into her eyes and smile.  Then slowly move your lips down to hers.  If she starts to protest or move away, let her.  She may not be ready to kiss you.  If she does not, touch your lips gently to hers.  If she responds, kiss her again.  If she does not, let her go because you may have scared her.  Give her some space to tell you if she want to kiss you or not and read her body language.
Be confident in kissing her because that will make her want to kiss you again.

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